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Research Focus / Violent Groups

  • Link and network association charts provide insight into the inner workings of groups, outlining both operational and associational ties amongst groups and between individuals and groups.
  • Event data is geospatially enabled, giving researchers and analysts the ability to track the geospatial spread of a group's activities at the country, state, and city levels.
  • Information is temporally tagged, allowing a group's activities to be plotted on detailed timelines or observed over periods of time.

ISVG's mission is to lead the most comprehensive research effort on violent extremism and transnational criminal organizations. Since 2003, ISVG has been exploiting open source information, aggregating the data into a highly structured relational database, and examining the information with sophisticated analytical technologies. This ten-year initiative has resulted in ISVG maintaining information on approximately 3,000 violent groups and 43,000 individuals involved in extremism or transnational organized crime. ISVG's thorough and persistent data collection has infused the Institute with unique capabilities that advance the discovery of new insights into violent groups. Research is customized to meet the needs of each customer's requirements and can include traditional open source media information, big data findings, such as social media, and streaming video content. Studies are delivered as visualizations and analytic products that leverage link associations, geospatial views, temporal representations, social network analyses, and statistical metrics to enhance understanding of a particular group of interest.

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