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Research Focus / Geographic Areas

  • Link and network association charts provide insights into a region such as discovering connections between actors, the existence of new groups, the dissolution of known alliances, and shared participation in attacks.
  • Event data is geospatially enabled at the country, state, and city levels. This level of georeferencing allows information to be used in visualizations that can uncover new hot spots of activity, trends in attack locations, and the growth of violence across regions over time. Data can also be imported into existing geospatial environments as dynamic data layers.
  • Information is temporally tagged, allowing the data to be exported and used to create detailed timelines of activity, statistical graphs that are used to expose trends over time, and to examine the activity levels within a region over periods of time.

Organizations rely on research from the Institute for the Study of Violent Groups (ISVG) to enhance awareness of violent extremism and transnational crime within specific geographic areas. With ten years of experience in open source research, ISVG has developed extensive research capabilities that include multilingual near-real time research, linking new information to historical information in a relational database, and the ability to integrate social media and streaming video content with traditional media. ISVG's research parameters are customized to meet the information needs of the client, and all data goes through a three-tiered quality assurance process to safeguard the confidence and accuracy of the research. ISVG's unique transnational criminal database structure methodology captures up to 1,500 variables relating to groups, individuals, and events tied to extremism and transnational crime, allowing researchers to code for minutiae that lends to detailed and accurate visualizations and analytic products.

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