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Capabilities / Visualization & Analytics

Visualization and analytic products enhance decision support

Organizations turn to ISVG to increase knowledge of specific violent groups, stay abreast of daily activity within a geographic region, as well as better understand details accompanying events related to extremism and transnational crime. For intuitive reporting of research results, ISVG has established partnerships with industry leading technology providers. These partnerships provide advanced analytical technologies that enable researchers to present findings in an insightful manner, such as intricate link associations, complex temporal outlines, advanced geospatial analytics, and elaborate statistical dashboards. The Institute's technological infrastructure allows for new discoveries such as unknown connections between groups, hot spots of activity in new regions, trends in pattern of life behavior, event peaks and troughs across time, and more. Information products are of the highest quality and customized to meet the needs of unique customer requirements. Each project undergoes a three-tiered quality control process that ensures accuracy, transparency and accountability from the researchers, database content, and analytic products.

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