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Research Focus / Specific Events

  • Link and network association charts can reveal actors or groups that are tied to events through operational or associational linkages.
  • Event data is geospatially enabled, allowing researchers to examine activity levels of a region and giving them the ability to drill down on specific event types such as arsons, security operations, kidnappings, or communications.
  • Information is temporally tagged, allowing events to be plotted on detailed timelines and used to reconstruct complex multi-incident events.

The Institute for the Study of Violent Groups has been exploiting open source information to augment awareness of specific events since 2003. ISVG maintains a comprehensive database that contains over 223,000 incidents that have occurred worldwide. These events involve over 43,000 unique individuals that have connections to over 3,000 violent groups. Over the past ten years, ISVG has become a trusted research partner to defense and the interagency, and has developed unique capabilities that further the study of incidents involving violent extremism and transnational crime. ISVG researchers exploit traditional open source media, aggregate the data into a structured relational database, and develop visualizations and analytics to represent findings. The Institute's advanced technological partners integrate big data, such as social media input, and streaming video content into the study, enabling the delivery of a complete open source picture encompassing a particular event or sets of events. ISVG's research is customized to meet the needs of each customer's unique requirements and a three-tiered quality control process ensures confidence and accuracy in the study.

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