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Capabilities / Collection Proficiencies

Exploiting open source to enhance awareness of a specific problem set

The Institute for the Study of Violent Groups brings together a variety of open source information such as traditional open source media, social media and streaming video content to produce a complete open source picture of a specific problem set. Traditional open source media such as news Web sites, government publications, and online journals are exploited manually by ISVG's researchers. Highly trained individuals aggregate data by applying ISVG's own relational database structure methodology designed to capture transnational threat data in the most comprehensive manner. Social media and streaming video content is aggregated by ISVG's established technological partners that apply cutting-edge Big Data technology to search Blog posts, twitter feeds, networking sites, and videos for information identified within the customer requirements. Researchers fluent across multiple languages exploit the aggregated media content, consolidate the information, and build visualizations and analytics to represent results. This augmented open source picture presents organizations with the ability to answer new questions that convey an enriched understanding of violent extremism and transnational crime.

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